Cannes Film Festival 2022

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

It’s also a great opportunity for jewelry designers to show their latest collections to some of the most discerning shoppers in the world.

Gil Neuhaus, a well-known jewelry designer, will be presenting his latest collection at this year’s festival.

 The red carpet

blanca blanco cannes film festival

Blanca Blanco


lady Victoria Harvey

Lady Victoria Hervey

Hofit Golan Cannes 2022

Agatha Maksimova & Hofit Golan

Gil Neuhaus Cannes film festival

Designer Gil Neuhaus

About the designer

Born as the third generation into a family of jewelers, Gill Neuhaus’ future was secure.  Like many before him, Gill could study jewelry design at a local university in Israel and proceed to take over his family’s already successful business.


Instead, Gill decided that to be true to his artistic nature, he must study Jewelry Design in the best school in the world.  He left his home and secured future in Israel and traveled to Zurich where he studied design side by side with the world’s leading jewelers, emphasizing skill, and attention to detail, on a level fit for the most famous watch and jewelry manufacturers in the world.


After three years, Gill returned to Israel where he established his own studio based on the concept that personal attention and individualized production of custom jewelry is the only proper way to introduce and market fine jewelry of the caliber Gill strove to create.  This concept was unique in that it completely ignored the established mass-production-mass-marketing concept for fine jewelry then sold in Israel.

The Jewelry

Gil Neuhaus, the innovative designer behind many iconic pieces of jewelry for Cannes Film Festival and beyond is back again this year with a new line that will be sure to capture your heart.

This time around he has gone in an entirely different direction- creating artful designs out ocean life such as octopus, shells, seahorse and many more…


The theme was “sea art” which showcased creatures from the sea – how could you not fall head over heels at their feet?



See you all next year..

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